Inspired by @Boogie et al (I love this list idea!)
  1. I grew up as a girly girl. I remember loving dance and pink and dresses and the movie Pollyanna (no joke)
  2. And I love feeling feminine still. I love girl world, I immerse myself in it as much as humanly possible.
  3. So if I'm feeling my best, this is what we got:
  4. Dewy, low maintenance makeup
    Pretty much just concealer, highlight, eyebrow gel & either mascara or eyeliner.
  5. Gel manicures are my kryptonite
    Good lord I wish I could afford these all the time. Obvi I can't.
  6. Shaved pits & sometimes shaved legs
    I tried not shaving my armpits, it got annoying. My legs get let go, like I just don't care. I'll groom my lady area but yo I'm not a hairless cat okay?
  7. Sweet dresses like this
  8. High waisted, curve hugging pants 🙏
    Literally nothing makes me feel more powerful and cute.
  9. Comfortable heels
    A lotta these are clogs or mules
  10. Unlined bras and high waisted underwear
    This one is ideal TBH
  11. I'm hourglass shaped and I like to embrace that.
  12. Being feminine to me is being soft and a little squishy.
    I embrace my belly and I load up on coconut oil.
  13. I feel very ruled by my emotions and to be honest, I live by my cycle.
    I feel like that's sorta counter to old school feminism, admitting that my period really affects me, but it does. It really does.
  14. I also very much want to be a mother. Good god I have baby fever like crazy and I'm only 22.
    It's def not happening any time soon but I loooove little kids and cannot wait to have a lol family of my own.
  15. I think embracing and honoring all of this is really important as a feminist.
  16. I can be equal to men while embracing the part of me that's feminine.
  17. I can also honor that other people that identify as women may choose to embrace and define femininity.
  18. We don't have to do the same shit as other women 🙏
    Our different definitions of feminist are beautiful. Look at other lists of this title pls 💖