My Go To Fashion Aesthetic in High School

Inspired by @lizabeth et al 🙏
  1. Radiohead T-shirt
    It's this one seriously
  2. See??
  3. Dark skinny jeans from Delia*s
  4. Junky bracelets & rings & earrings & band pins
    A ring and bad nails I made happen
  5. Daaaaark eyeliner
  6. Bangs 4ever
  7. Converse with piano key laces & writing all over
  8. A very large sack to carry my shit around
  9. The hand of a shitty bf to hold
  10. Brace yourself for some #tbts
    A veritable CREW all in my high school lewk. We were going to sadies? Idk. Anyway I'm all the way on the left and @tessamarie is all the way on the right.
  11. Oh yes this is quite a #lewk
  12. I lived for these hats
  13. Was very into a ~Harry Potter~ wardrobe
  14. So Delia*s
  15. BONUS! the prom dress that brought me and Dan 2gether