1. My Grandma Marie is a painter. She almost went to art school after high school but because it was in the city, her father said no.
  2. She went, instead, to work in a Kroger.
  3. There, she met my grandpa. The married & had four daughters.
  4. She started going to the Latrobe Art Club to keep up on painting.
  5. And they've had several shows with her work.
  6. She tried to teach my sister and I to paint but we weren't so good...
  7. Which is okay. I like what she does and could never reproduce it.
  8. I think, growing up, I took this all for granted.
  9. But I really think it's special that my grandma has her art.
  10. She did some stained glass too.
  11. These are boxes she made
  12. She's one of my favorite people 💖✨