(I originally co-authored a story on Trump's bankruptcies for The Deal in June)
  1. Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc.
    Filed 4 times!! Carl Icahn gained 100% of the debtors equity in the most recent one!
  2. Trump Castle
    Filed in 1992, sold in 2011, now called the Golden Nugget.
  3. Newland International Properties Corp.
    Filed in 2013 after building the Trump Ocean Club & International Tower in Panama City.
  4. Coco Beach Golf & Country Club SE
    Not owned by Trump, but licensed to use his name! Operates the Trump International Golf Club in Puerto Rico.
  5. Bonus!! New York Military Academy
    The boarding school Trump attended! He doesn't have involvement but he could bail them out!
  6. Remember! Filing bankruptcy doesn't mean immediate failure for a company! And Trump hasn't filed for bankruptcy personally. So he technically isn't lying...