Places I worked as a teen

  1. CD Warehouse
    I was here for a few months. I learned how to clean scratches off of CDs, DVDs and games and then sold em to weirdos in my hometown. We also bought these things from customers but I wasn't part of that process.
  2. The Exchange
    If you're from Pittsburgh or Ohio you know the chain well. Used records, CDs, DVDs, video games. I faked knowledge of video games and had a love/hate relationship with record store day. My worst memory was the time a man chased me around the store when he wanted to be helped, my favorite was going to Eat'n'Park with my coworkers after work on summer nights.
  3. Excela Health
    Okay so this was technically an internship but I also did some manual labor aka I sat at a front desk and greeted people and then helped them to and from wheelchairs. I'm tiny though so it was kinda a struggle.
  4. University of Maryland Recreation Center
    I was a fitness instructor aka I taught boot camp, step, Zumba, Pilates and HIIT. I look back and LOL. I did organize a lot of body positive events and presented at a conference about it but that was older me!!