1. Because as a kid I had anxiety & depression too
  2. Because my little sister was really sick growing up & I never learned to make a fuss over myself
  3. Because my parents loved each other & treated each other with respect
  4. Because my mom and grandma were crazy feminists without calling it that
  5. Because my first favorite band was The Beatles
  6. Because I spent all my time reading & the highlight of my summer was the library reading program
  7. Because I used to play soccer for four hours every day so now I don't know how to handle sitting
  8. Because once at a party, my nana told me not to eat too many chips or else I'd get fat, and that's my strongest memory of her
  9. Because I went on my first diet in fourth grade & I don't want that for my future daughters
  10. Because I started drinking coffee in 7th grade & I really don't think I will ever stop.
  11. Because my first boyfriend was probably abusive, and because I still have trouble saying that.
  12. Because my dad and I listened to CNBC every morning on my way to school in the middle of the financial crisis
  13. Because my hometown was really conservative & I was considered a "tree hugger feminazi"
    Yes I am that thank you very much
  14. Because my parents owned a store that didn't do well when my sister and I were little, so we did a lot of bargain shopping & penny pinching.
  15. Because one time I got stung by a jellyfish so I really just don't know why the ocean is appealing
  16. Because I feel moved by good music still, even as I've gotten older
  17. Because I'm a writer and I like to overshare. That's why I list.