Secret Santa πŸŽ…πŸ€—

  1. β€’
    Eeeeek I got my Secret Santa assignment last night and I'm super excited! You better post a lil list of what you want bby, I have ideas but I also would love some more!
  2. β€’
    And for my person...
  3. β€’
    I'm allergic to nuts and sesame and soy so pls be careful!
  4. β€’
    I love to cook so send me a recipe!
  5. β€’
    I'm a big reader so book suggestions are always welcome ☺️
  6. β€’
    I LOVE coffee and tea
  7. β€’
    I'm really into skincare products (in case ya couldn't tell heheh)
  8. β€’
    I wanna learn about the place you're from! Pictures or postcards or anything that makes it personal 😎
  9. β€’
    Art is always welcome
  10. β€’
    If you're curious about my ~aesthetic~ check out my insta: @aliciamcelhaney or snap (same name there!)