1. The Beatles One Album
    My parents bought this when we were really young. I remember being in the living room, listening to Yellow Submarine or Day Tripper a lot. Formative years in my music life tbh.
  2. Anything by Norah Jones
    My mom's kitchen, elementary school. She was intoooooo Norah.
  3. In The Aeroplane Over the Sea
    Hmm eighth or ninth grade, I read on the internet that this song was like required listening. It is honestly.
  4. Catholic Pagans - Surfer Blood
    My friend gave this to me on a mix CD maybe late middle school, early high school. Still one of my favorites.
  5. Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist Soundtrack
    Ninth grade, it had the best indie tracks of that time. I shit you not.
  6. Asleep - The Smiths
    Ninth grade again. I read The Perks of Being a Wallflower and immediately recreated Charlie's mixtape.
  7. Pink Floyd
    My ex boyfriend constantly quizzed me on their music. It sucked and I hated it, but I didn't have the balls to break up with him. He dumped me over the phone after 2 years, 2 weeks before prom, but I guess I have to give him credit for my classic rock knowledge.
  8. Iris - The GooGoo Dolls
    Listened to it on repeat after my first boyfriend dumped me.
  9. Apple Candy - Ben Lee
    My sister and I danced to this one in our bedrooms a lot. See also: Tainted Love.
  10. Kiss Me On The Bus - The Replacements
    I listened to this one on my way to soccer tournaments weirdly enough. I thought it would ~pump me up~
  11. Paper Planes - MIA
    Soccer soundtrack, we even had a little dance for it.
  12. Pale Blue Eyes - The Velvet Underground
    I worked in a record store in high school. This old man apparently found me attractive, he commented several times on it. He told me to listen to Pale Blue Eyes. He was creepy, the song was not. Still one of my favorites.
  13. The Luckiest - Ben Folds
    My boyfriend had control over the car playlist one day and picked this song. That was when I knew it wasn't little kid shit anymore and he maybe actually really loved me.
  14. Anthems of a Teenage Girl - Broken Social Scene
    My best friend and I listened to this on repeat my senior year of high school. It's the best.
  15. Cough Syrup - Young The Giant
    Senior year of high school, driving to the gym or the college class I took.
  16. American Music - The Violent Femmes
    This is me and Dan's "song." We met because I needed someone to take me to prom. It's good for sing-screaming in the car late at night after you've eaten at Sheetz or gone to the movies.
  17. Anything by Leonard Bernstein
    I was trying to impress this literary guy my freshman year of college by listening to this music. It didn't work, and the music is fucking depressing tbh.
  18. You Can Have It All - Yo La Tengo
    I listened to this endlessly when I realized I still loved Dan/that I screwed up when I broke up with him. Spoiler alert: we got back together, he bought me Yo La Tengo tickets for my birthday 😊
  19. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
    Their first album was the soundtrack to a really happy summer with Dan.
  20. PHOX's self-titled album
    I went camping the summer before junior year. This is the driving soundtrack.
  21. Ana - Los Saicos
    I played this a bunch on my college radio show, Manic Pixie Mix Tape. Good stuff
  22. Harvard - Diet Cig
    I listened to this song endlessly during my first summer in New York.
  23. Recovery - Frank Turner
    Morgan & I had the best time at the Frank Turner concert. It is a happy memory.