No it's not the DCFC song
  1. I don't know about you cuties, but my skin freaks the fuck out in summer time.
  2. Between sunburn, mosquito bites, heat rash, poison ivy and sweat, there's a lot going on that is hella uncomfortable.
  3. Luckily for you, my skin has been through it.
  4. And I have for you, something of a guide to summer skin.
  5. Let's start with an easy one...sunburn.
  6. Prevention:
    Sunscreen every fucking day babes! You can use a chemical blocker or a physical block. Use physical (zinc I believe) if you have sensitive skin. Reapply and don't forget it if you're indoors.
  7. Treatment:
    The Dreamwash from Lush is your summer savior. It's super gentle and is a great way to clean yourself without freaking out. You can also leave it on your skin to tame itch. Get some aloe and pop it in the fridge, rub it on when you're dying. Sleep in loose clothing, drink lots of water and take cool showers. Ahhhhh.
  8. But what about mosquito bites?
  9. Prevention:
    SUPER IMPORTANT KIDS. Zika is real and we don't know the long term impacts of the disease. Wear bug spray but remember to wash it off. Burts Bees makes a nice natural alternative. For my new to NYC babes, I want to warn ya that the bugs are worse than you expect. I get horrible mosquito bites here 😖
  10. Treatment:
    Again, Lush's Dreamwash is your best friend. Last summer I slept with it on because the heat exacerbated my itching and this was one of the few things that could calm it. I also recommend a topical benedryl cream. If the bites are swollen, popping ibuprofen can be a lifesaver, as it takes down the swelling. Same goes for an antihistamine. When all else fails, break out some ice cubes to rub on the bites.
  11. Okay, onto that heat rash
  12. Prevention:
    Dress cool! I love wearing floaty cotton dresses because synthetic fabrics are a total no go in heat. I also use the Monistat chafing gel for chub rub, which is life saving, truly.
  13. Treatment:
    Get cool ASAP. If you don't have air conditioning, tap cold water onto the back of your neck and wrists and stop moving. Strip down to undies if ya need to. Ice is your friend.
  14. TBH that's something I don't struggle with as much. But something I do? Poison Ivy
  15. Prevention:
    LEARN WHAT THE GODDAMN LEAVES LOOK LIKE. Avoid at all costs. It isn't worth it. It will never be worth it. Omg do yourself a solid and AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. (But seriously, these leaves look non threatening and could really jack you up)
  16. Treatment:
    Go straight to the big guns and drop $40 on Zanfel. It is so worth it. Do not fucking scratch it, you will only spread the rash. If it gets really bad, head to the doctor for some oral steroids. Change clothes & sheets & wash clothes & towels often & if your dog has it, bathe the damn thing stat. I speak from experience, this is actual hell and the longer you go without treatment, the worse it will be.
  17. Ah, and finally, the most ubiquitous annoyance of summer: Sweat.
  18. Prevention:
    Being cool, duh. But seriously, wear light, cotton clothing, hair up or nice and short. Sandals save the day. Try to avoid padded bras and anything of the like. Drink a ton of water and eat lighter, more frequent meals.
  19. Treatment:
    Oil blotters! (You can buy them special or just get rolling papers.) take care of your fucking skin by washing your face & wearing little makeup. Be free and naked as often as possible. Wear deodorant if you don't want to smell like sweat.
  20. Do you have other tips? Or skin issues for the summer? I'm here for you babes!
  21. Take care of that beautiful skin & go forth, itch and burn free ✨💖