I'm an impatient person so I don't finish as many things as I should 😳
  1. My lunch
    Definitely a weird leftover part of recovering from an eating disorder is feeling like you have to finish every meal, even when you're not hungry #ugh
  2. The Waves - Virginia Woolf
    I have 20 pages left & zero patience! I just want to finish the dang thing!
  3. Cleaning my apartment
    Once I start I can't stop. So it's either sparkling or trashed 😑
  4. That coffee I bought even though it's cold
    I spent my hard-earned $2 on that even though I could have made it at home! I'm sipping on this luxury until there's nothing left!
  5. Shaving my legs
    I never do just one, which I guess people struggle with? Not sure
  6. An argument
    I will not, I repeat, will not, hang up the phone if a fight has not been resolved. Often is not helpful but the alternative is scary af!!