1. How to buy way more than you need for everything
    Shin guards for soccer practice, bread for dinner, booze for a party, you name it
  2. How to make a mean mojito
    Not too much sugar and lots of fresh mint!
  3. Black coffee is the best way to consume the bean
  4. Business is important! And kinda drives everything.
    We listened to CNBC every morning when he drove me to school. This was at the height of the financial crisis...I went on to become a business journalist.
  5. Sometimes severing ties with people is the healthiest way to deal with conflict
    Not sure how helpful this one has been.
  6. Treating yourself is worth it, especially on vacation.
  7. Getting up for church on Sunday isn't always worth it.
    My mom is a Catholic & my dad converted for her. I'm not religious so I always cheer silently when I'm home for the weekend and he votes to stay home and enjoy coffee Sunday mornings.
  8. My dad taught me that sometimes, you find what you need in people you don't expect.
    My mom's dad became a huge father figure to him.
  9. Going to the gym is healthy! So is loving nature!
  10. Taking your love on dates and hanging with her friends is the key to staying together
    (I mean on top of love and respect and all that jazz)
  11. Saturdays are for the blues, Sundays are for jazz and classical music.
  12. Being debt free is better than living in a massive house.
  13. Diet pop is the devil 👿
  14. Family is key, even if they're sometimes a bitch to deal with.
  15. (Things I learned from my little sister coming soon)