1. Any fabric that isn't cotton is the devil.
  2. You don't need a recipe to cook something good.
    My mom rarely consults a recipe book and can make gnocchi and homemade sauce and ugh everything good.
  3. It's important to have goals beyond being a mother. But being a mother is an incredible job.
  4. You're not "past your prime" in middle age.
    She fucking passed her certified hand therapist test & got an amazing new job 2 years ago!
  5. Manners matter. Treat others how ya want to be treated.
    Omg but she also always made me say hi to people from school that I didn't talk to.
  6. If you're gonna eat something sweet, have a fruit or a veggie first.
    Questionable TBH. But this was her thing.
  7. Hobbies are a valuable way to spend your time.
  8. You and your significant other should be on the same page about values and financial issues.
  9. Finding deals is worth your time! Shop the sales!
  10. Go to school and get a job before ya even consider getting married & having kids.
    Also questionable. This isn't right for everyone. I'm chill with it now, but mostly for monetary and stability reasons.
  11. My heritage is important, my family's story matters.
    She's super Italian and we make wine and homemade pasta and got to see how our family came into Ellis Island.
  12. Family matters!!
  13. Ain't nothing wrong with a glass of wine at dinner time.
  14. How to live in perpetual fear of debt, even though my family set me up to succeed financially
    Acknowledging my privilege TBH.
  15. Being an advocate for yourself at the doctor's office is important.
    My sister and I were pretty sick kids, and she taught us how to handle it.
  16. No one is perfect. They make mistakes and you will too.
    This was an unintentional lesson but the most important one.
  17. ~Dad list coming soon~