1. I worked in a record store in high school
  2. Okay okay it was more like a used CD/DVD/video game/record store situation
  3. But it was still pretty cool
  4. Here's what I learned
  5. You can really easily steal & resell shit from Best Buy or Target
    We bought stuff that was still in plastic & doubled up. Like no I don't think someone got you three copies of Justin Bieber's movie on DVD but that'll resell for $15 so I'll take all of them
  6. Most resell shops give 30% cash maximum
    It just makes sense. Ya gotta turn a profit kids!
  7. Record Store Day is an abomination
    Seriously it was the worst day of my life like honestly there were a million hip suburban dudes looking for the same Radiohead deep cut & I just couldn't handle it.
  8. Everybody has their own formula for best 5 CD mix
    Five CDs fit in a regular turntable system. Some people choose Aquabats, others go for Elvis Presley.
  9. Speaking of Elvis...there's an abundance of YouTube videos that prove he's alive
    This was according to a volunteer fireman who regularly stopped by, because he was collecting Elvis merch for when it came out that he was still alive. Seriously.
  10. Best ways to clean dust off of electronics
    First of all, that spray can air is amazing. Secondly, just Windex the shit out of it because it really won't ruin things. We used thumbtacks to get into the nooks and crannies of game controllers. There's nasty dirt in ALL of them.
  11. Birthday cake Oreos are the best snack & please all kinds
    The Big Lots next store sold these, so our manager often bought them as a snack for us employees. Amazing. Incredible. 10/10.
  12. Some old men know nothing about teenage girls being too young for them:
    This is for you, old man with the gold hoop earring who told a sixteen-year-old Alicia that he wished I was a present under his Christmas tree.
  13. Minimum wage ain't enough to live on
    I had co workers who had to take second jobs, etc. that's the only soapbox I'm getting on rn though, this list is for fun.
  14. I will definitely choose cleaning bathrooms over being chased around the store by a man
    I hide in the back while a guy tried to creep on me, the only female employee at the time 🙃
  15. I guess one of the conclusions of this list is that working at a record store is creepy
  16. @alldudesever please don't be weird to ladies in music stores
    They're probably weird & quiet like you and just want to listen to some Ben Folds alone 🤘🏼✌🏼