Hmm I think he's a grump. At least he's a cute one 🌞
  1. Lavender pillow spray
    "You have a product for everything" and "how does this make you fall asleep?"
  2. Anthropologie
    "This store should be called comfy and ugly"
  3. Sweetgreen
    He picks the salad with the most calories listed so as to get the biggest bang for his buck
  4. Serums
    See item one & insert a giaaaaaant eye roll
  5. Social media
    "Why do I care what other people are doing?"
  6. Taking screenshots of cute outfits & recipes & dogs just in case
    Idk doesn't everyone do this????
  7. A stocked snack cabinet
    This lead to the great dried apricot debacle of 2015 when we both ate like 20 dried apricots then drank booze and had like the most severe stomach pains after. Don't eat more than like four dried apricots at a time okay? This is serious!!!!!
  8. Barre classes
    "It's not functional" 😤😤😤😤
  9. Basically anything on this chart
    AKA all of which I love 😎