1. I work for a financial publication in New York. I write about companies buying one another primarily for people deeply entrenched in the business world.
  2. I contributed to the huge number of election stories only once when I wrote about the number of bankruptcies Donald Trump has been involved in.
  3. I've watched the process of the election play out so far & as a person with background in the media, which has been blamed for a lot of problems, I wanted to share some thoughts.
  4. In journalism school, you're taught to never ever show support for one candidate. Not a bumper sticker, not a donation, not a name on an email list.
  5. So at first, like many in the field, I approached this election trying with all my might to treat each candidate fairly.
  6. But I feel like with each passing day, it's getting harder. I no longer believe ~the media~ should stay quiet on their opinions.
  7. This is primarily because we get blamed a lot for things in this election that we should not be faulted for.
  8. This is also because some of the candidates are attempting to impinge on freedom of speech.
  9. It's really important to be able to see what's going on at rallies. People being punched and roughed up for expressing their own constitutional right: the freedom to assemble.
  10. The protestors at Donald Trump's rallies are not doing anything wrong. They are not breaking any laws. They are doing something very important.
  11. We need a media who is willing to show the ways these people are being hurt at rallies, and who juxtapose that against Trump's incredibly racist and fear mongering rhetoric.
  12. The Washington Post did a great job of this today.
  13. The protestors should be very visible. The members of the media who are also being hurt should be visible too.
  14. We're lucky to have Twitter & other platforms right now to be able to see what has happened to members of the press.
  15. Because I think that in a big way, even though the media tries to not become the story, some candidates have flipped the script and made the media a huge part of the narrative.
  16. And because of that, I've come to think its okay to share a bit about who you don't and do support as a member of the media.
  17. Because some people in this race are out there preaching that our rights should be taken away.
  18. They're preaching that a lot of people's rights should be taken away.
  19. And we need people who are willing to speak up against that rhetoric, both in terms of protest & in terms of showing this rhetoric to a broad set of the public who may not be deeply entrenched in politics.
  20. So support the media! Both local & national! They have a job that is important & difficult & are faced with ethical questions on the reg. A lot of what is done in print/online media is not done for money! Please keep that in mind! We try our best to give a voice to the voiceless & sometimes we fuck up royally.
  21. But a lot of the times we're doing our very best to show the public what's important. The more support we get, the better we can do!
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