1. So Kim Kardashian posted a nude selfie on the net.
  2. Predictably, ppl freaked out.
  3. A few celebs were like YOOOOO pump the breaks girl.
  4. And Kim K klapped back (no I'm not embarrassed of that bad pun).
  5. Thousands of fans echoed her, saying the celebs were slut shaming Kim & that she deserved to feel proud about her body.
  6. Here's my ~two cents~
  7. I don't think people can use the ~feeling good about her body~ excuse here without acknowledging something.
  8. Kim notoriously does not feel great about her body.
  9. My cursory time with her show (an episode here or there) plus observations on her plastic surgery, etc, suggest she really doesn't love her body.
  10. Those things are completely valid and okay to do! And it's completely normal to not love how you look.
  11. But! I don't think she should be lauded as ~brave~ etc for a nude selfie.
  12. Because the thing is, we ALL have better role models to look to when it comes to body confidence & sex positivity.
  13. Kim K does not advocate for either of these things with her actions or her words unless it's convenient or easy for her to do.
  14. I don't fault her for that. Being a celeb & running an empire is hard y'all!
  15. But if we're looking for a nude selfie taker to defend....Kim is not our girl.
  16. Idk. I feel like she got a lot of attention from people who like body/sex positivity who maybe forgot that Kim often undergoes extreme measures to look a certain way.
  17. I would love to hear ur thoughts on this v important celeb discussion. Pls share!