1. I don't really get angry often.
  2. For awhile it was a problem in my life, I was afraid of expressing anger because I thought I'd be left by whoever I yelled at.
  3. After ~therapy~ and becoming more ~mature~ I feel like I can express it. But anger is the emotion I'm still least tapped into.
  4. When I am in a bad mood, I like to channel it into change.
  5. So I send emails to my representatives in Congress or to businesses that have done me wrong.
  6. I sometimes feel torn about this...I know there's a person on the other end and I feel bad for sending mean things to them...
  7. But I also remember that I'm a paying customer or voter and I deserve to have a say.
  8. So this week, I sent emails to Megabus for not having working outlets & to WMATA for not getting me to my bus on time.
  9. I highly suggest starting with politicians. You can really help incite change by letting your voice be heard!
  10. Not to mention, you get to blow off some steam. 😤😤😤😤
  11. Go get mad kids!!