What to buy at Glossier's Black Friday sale

  1. Yo Glossier is having a 20% sale for Black Friday!
  2. Use my code to buy shit OR ELSE
  3. Here's my reviews of the shit I've used so far!
  4. Milky Jelly
    I love how gentle this cleanser is. It take my eyeliner off (not waterproof mascara very well, but I rarely use that). I've tried other gentle cleansers since getting this one, but this is my fav. Price point is okay, not fabulous though. Def recommend.
  5. Priming Moisturizer
    I haaaaaate that this doesn't have SPF. I love how it feels on my skin but we need sunscreen in this day and age! Would consider repurchasing but maybe for night wear only.
  6. Generation G (I have Jam!)
    I love this! Easy nonlipstick lipstick. A little drying but I hear they have reformulated. I pros will get Leo or Cake with the sale
  7. Boy Brow
    I like this! I never used a brow gel before but honestly this is so easy and looks pretty damn good!! Would buy again!
  8. Balm dotcom
    Amazing amazing lip balm. Not sure if Vaseline is the same? But I love the rose scent. Ughhh so good.
  9. Stretch concealer
    Fucking life changing. I love how this goes on, and how buildable this is. Keeps ya dewy af while hiding imperfections.
  10. Mega Greens Galaxy Pack
    This broke me the fuck out. I really didn't like how it worked with my skin :( Mario Badescu's drying mask is waaaaaay better. I tried to figure out the ingredient I had issues with and I'm thinking avocado may have done it?
  11. Haloscope & the Moisturizing Moon Mask have almond/macadamia oil
    So both were a no go for me. Would completely destroy my skin.
  12. I don't think the Soothing Face Mist is worth the price
    I stan for Evian's face spray in the summer tho
  13. Skin tint? Eh, I don't use foundation so idgaf
  14. A note on the serums:
    If you check out Deciem's The Ordinary line, you'll notice that ingredients are super similar to Glossier's serums. I got ones that would be comparable to super bounce and super pure. The niacinimide one absolutely kills my skin. But I'm obsessed with the hyaluronic acid one. I would love comparisons between both serums tho!
  15. I'm not gonna get the black tie set because I can't use haloscope and I have an eyeliner that I love already. But the nail polish is sooooo pretty
    Yeah idk it doesn't seem worth it?
  16. But amazing customer service and some really awesome products! Thoughts?