(Or a scale)
  1. I've talked about my mental health work in a couple of lists before
  2. I'm recovered from an eating disorder not otherwise specified (EDNOS) that leaned toward anorexia
  3. And even though I'm ~recovered~ e.g. I don't use restricting/binging/purging/over exercise to cope with feelings, that doesn't mean I'm not susceptible to falling back into those traps.
  4. So to take care of myself, I decided to not buy a full length mirror. I have a mirror in the bathroom that I use to do my makeup or fix my hair, but that's it.
  5. It is so fucking freeing.
  6. I grew up with a full length mirror in my room and spent so much time staring at my belly, my ass, my thighs
  7. And I never thought I could live without it.
  8. But I do. Sometimes my outfits get a little wonky, but it's worth not using the mirror to rip my self esteem apart
  9. I know it kind of seems extreme, but this approach really works for me.
  10. For the same reasons, I don't own a scale any more.
  11. It's hard to be without both sometimes, but it would be harder to manage my neuroses with them around.
  12. Sometimes taking care of mental health isn't always the conventional approach. While therapy & medication are amazing, changing your lifestyle can have an impact as well.
  13. Sending love & body positivity to you gems this morning 💖