Written in best to least awesome. I had a great day. Sorta a follow-up to my last list...
  1. There was a photo booth this year!
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    It was run by "OzBox" and cost five dollars. My significant other and I were really excited about it, since we'd dressed up as a couple for today. (I'm the lighter wigged one.)
  2. I got to meet up with some friends from my last convention, Wasabi Con here in Denver also. We also met another couple in that group.
    They were an Adventure Time group with a Finn, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, and Marshall Lee. The Finn and Marshall Lee were dating.
  3. Tentacle cats!!
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    I sort of collect plush toys from conventions, an octopus last year at DCC and a bananadile from Wasabi Con. The tentacle cats were very cute and unique!! My s/o and I each got one.
  4. Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! charms
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    These are from the Gachapon machines that I adored in Japan and the characters hail from one of my favorite and most bizarre anime.
  5. Durarara!! x2 rubber strap blind boxes
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    Also a favorite series. Though I didn't get the character I really wanted. Still a fan of Kadota, though.
  6. Looking forward to another day.
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    I can't wait to be back tomorrow to do more stuff! Going to be with my s/o again, this time as Ashiya and Luci from The Devil is a Part-Timer.