I've been on planes longer than I can remember. Denver International Airport has become almost another home to me. As a world traveller who always likes the airport, here are some tips for the trip.
  1. Stay calm, especially if you're in a group.
    Both of my parents are guilty of being super on edge at the airport. Yes, there's a lot of weight on missing the flight, but keeping a level head helps everyone else move more quickly and not stress out. If you're nervous, chances are everyone else is, too. Chill out.
  2. Treat yourself.
    I like to get a turtle mocha at Caribou Coffee whenever I go, if I can. It's not a drink I buy in my everyday life, and keeps a sweet taste in my mouth for a good while. This is important. Don't leave anywhere with a bitter taste, especially not home.
  3. Be polite and courteous, even if you're tired as heck.
    My years of traveling as an unaccompanied minor have taught me this, as well as my dad. If there's something you need, be sweet! You're not the only tired one. Treating everyone with care always scores you points with the staff and keeps everyone happier.
  4. Don't think about looking normal in security or you'll end more suspicious than Moriarty in season two of BBC Sherlock.
  5. Carry some cash.
    This relates to the politeness point. Tips tips tips!! Yes the airport is expensive. But this is a matter of courtesy and appreciation.
  6. Feed yourself.
    Don't get hangry! Keep up your energy. This is the same as going to a convention or anything like that. You'll do better with a full tank.
  7. Use the restroom before you get on the plane.
  8. Treat the airport like it's a special place, even if you're there a lot.
    The airport always feels magic to me. I like to dance down the moving sidewalks and enjoy myself. Hey, it's travel, and I've been there many times. But it still makes me happy and helps me stay calm, too.
  9. Get there early.
    Obvious. Don't be stressed, this is fun! Give yourself security wiggle room, time to find the gate, time to eat... It's important.