It's time for my yearly trip out to stay with @karenelkinscohen and spend time with all of my super cool cousins. I'm so ready. Here's a few things I'm especially looking forward to, in a little bit of an order?? But not really.
  1. Family time.
    Top of the list, obviously. I love my Elkins family for their jokes, company, and shared love. Though I've seen most of them much more than usual this year, I'm always happy to be around that group.
    @EricElkins and I spent a few hours there last time we were in San Fran, and I've been excited to go back ever since. Vending machines with milk tea!! The book store!! The food!! My budget for this round is much larger as well. I'm SO READY.
  3. The weather
    Denver has been rainy as hell this summer. Sure, I don't like the heat that much, but Albany in Cali is always perfectly not too hot and still sunny.
  4. The FOOD
    It's pretty obvious I adore Japanese and pretty much all other Asian cuisine. I'm ready for dim sum and udon as much as possible, please!! And custard buns!!
  5. Finally getting out of town.
    I'm a little ashamed on this one because every summer I travel nonstop I whine about not being in Denver. Though it means I've spent more time with my lovely SO, I still need to get out. Take me to an airport!! I love planes!! I love 6:20 am flights!!!!
  6. The time difference.
    I can watch anime an hour earlier when I'm so into the lineup this season. Hell yeah.
  7. Staying up late reading...
    I'm writing this list having just finished Raymond Chandler's The Big Sleep. Im pumped to pick up more books (even though I also have AP US work to finish, whoops). On the list is Jenna Lincoln's Protector Project, which is my mom's book and will be getting a shamelessly promotional list sometime soon.