First year of highschool ends today. Oh my, the drama!! It's been pretty crazy. I'm not too happy about it ending, since my time with the significant other I adore will get cut down severely, and I'm not really ready to be a sophomore, either. Here's how I'm holding up.
  1. I wasn't really expecting this.
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    this is so sweet can you see why I don't want to leave (attached to a very large gift bag)
  2. Distracting myself with a new game is helping.
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    Platypus Evolution is way too much fun.
  3. There was mango lemonade in first period.
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  4. We're having a party in my stagecraft period.
    Oh boy. Time to eat cake by myself.
  5. My last day of science class with my least favorite teacher will only be spent with her for 35 minutes.
    We're planting a tree but it's during a lunch I'm not missing. Goes until 2. Nice.