Inspired by @mandi!!
  1. Public affection!!
    This is very important to me. I'm going to kiss and hug my s/o in public as much as I want. I don't care if makes you uncomfortable. It's not like we have a safe clean space to be affectionate without parental discouragement as well. I'm doing this for the person I love, not you.
  2. Honesty!!
    Being lied to sucks. I don't care if you like honesty or not. I'm telling things like they are, for better or worse.
  3. Only wearing skirts when I actually feel cute in them.
    I am a pants woman. I like standing over air vents. Leave me alone.
  4. Bad puns.
    I refuse to give these up. They're a happy thing for me and I also have... No restraint when it comes to bad puns. Like, at all.
  5. Hugging!!!
    I really love to hug people and it always is so shocking to me when people don't want to be hugged. I want to hug you wether you like it or not!! I'll convert you to enjoying the hug, I swear!
  6. Japanese Music
    J-pop is my happy music and I love J-rock a lot, too. Just because I understand more of it than you do doesn't mean you can't appreciate it aesthetically. I'm playing it if anyone tells me to put on music.
  7. Anime
    I don't care if you like it, if you're at my house, we're watching it subtitled.