Not in any particular order. I honestly miss everything. This was going to be a top ten, but I couldn't stop! Take me home, @EricElkins!!
    This makes me want to cry sometimes. I miss my royal milk tea and melon bread with a physical pain.
  2. Impressing people with my knowledge of Japanese.
    People always looked so thrilled there, even though it's the native language!! Here it's just "omg ew you weaboo"
    Nobody is going to recognize my super cool Gatchaman Crowds shirt here except a select few, and I won't be finding merchandise for it anywhere because it's so not in the mainstream. In Japan I could go sing the theme song for karaoke whenever I wanted and probably go with a large group who'd enjoy that, too!
  4. Gachapon machines...
    I probably spent a good $30 on those while I was there... With no regrets. I want more buttons and charms from my series!!
    where do I even start oh no these are the best
  6. Convenience stores part two
    Buns filled with noodles! Rice balls filled with salmon! Sweet dango, mochi, custard buns and those little Pokemon finger puppet things all in one stop with a whole isle of cup noodles (honestly this is where I want to live)
    Yeah they were five dollars a piece but the sweetest and most succulent fruit I've probably ever had also
  8. Fast food eel on rice breakfasts
    Just breakfasts in general. Soup and fish... Mm...
    Shower candy and the aforementioned melon bread, dango, and mochi. Custard and chocolate filled buns or hot Taiyaki. I don't think more needs to be said.
  10. A K I H A B A R A(my home)
    Six hours was not enough time in the heaven of anime merchandise. So many floors! So much stuff!! Charms and pillows and fan books, oh my!!
  11. Smells to suit the cities
    Yokohama smelled of fried food, and Kyoto of incense and wet wood. Every place had its own character and personality. It was really beautiful.
  12. A very otherworldly sense of things going on.
    It's easy to see where series like Noragami and Durarara get their inspiration for supernatural mingling. I thought there were going to be a lot more ghosts and fox spirits than I ended up seeing.
    So many noodles. Lots of tasty ramen and udon with tempura shrimp.
  14. Super cool museums and hidden spots
    The cup noodle museum is a must visit for anyone in Japan temporarily. And all the parks are beautiful. Also, Kurama Temple is a place I'll remember a long time.
  15. Honestly, I miss everything.
    I wish the whole trip hadn't felt like a dream. I want to go back.