We've been together since January and have known eachother for around a year and a half. I'm unbelievably happy we met.
  1. This book.
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    ohhhh my oh my this is just honestly the sweetest thing I've read it at least three times and it makes me so happy every time I open it.
  2. They love my puns and constantly encourage me to make them.
    I've done fruit, rock, bread, and many other kinds. They're always appreciated and sometimes used as a mood booster.
  3. They bought me an entire loaf of bread when I was feeling down.
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    I made French toast with it this morning. I love bread, and my s/o knowing it would cheer me up means so much.
  4. Gone to four conventions with me in costumes from the same series.
    Four whole conventions! We've recycled some outfits more than once, but we haven't stopped enjoying the company,
  5. Kissed me in a photo booth.
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    Nobody told me my wig was falling off!! ... Also, did that one take longer to flash or what?
  6. Been there to consistently comfort me even when they couldn't hold my hand in person.
    I re-read the text messages a lot.
  7. They've never acted like my problems are worth less than theirs.
    And I really appreciate that.
  8. Planned with me about how fun it would be for us to live together eventually.
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    We're going to have lots of lizards, birds, and spiders!!
  9. Drawn the two of us. A lot.
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    This is sort of something we do for eachother a lot. As well as gift giving.
  10. Remembered my birthday and made this year's very special.
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    Our birthdays are exactly two months apart. We both did separate gifts for day of and party.
  11. Made me feel really loved.
    I hope I'm doing the same thing for them.
  12. UPDATE: they saw this ribbon and thought of me so they bought it just a few minutes ago
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    that's so sweet what the heck