1. Yeah those water picks are like a bidet for your mouth
    1: Eric
  2. I just bought ali and I a new compost bin because I am absolutely the jeff in our relationship
    2: Julia
  3. i dont need no peasant just trying to sweep you off your feet. "WHY DO U DESERVE ALI!?" “PROVE IT!"
    2: jossua
  4. I made a slack channel called "foflowindowrow" for just us. But I didn't invite any of you to the chat and I made it over a week ago
    2: Jeremy
  5. If anyone's looking for Netflix recommendations I'd highly recommend "Happy People: A year in the Taiga". It's about hunters in Siberia but would really help you understand ed
    9: Myles
  6. I smell bad after being in an attic for like 30 minutes and then stepping in poop. I saw 2 dead baby mice, they were actually a little cute. i'm glad i didnt see a live one because i probably wouldve screamed and stepped on the drywall
    9: jo
  7. My dad wanted me to become an electrical engineer but I actually became gay
    9: jeff
  8. I'm just not passionate about accounting
    10: overheard
  9. In seattle when you have nothing to do, do you just vape weed cartridges?
    13: justin
  10. I just can't help it that when I envisioned us listening to One Direction on the coast they aren't in the daydream
    14: lor
  11. Should I get a pot leaf tattoo on my butt?
    14: jo
  12. Guys why is it raining so hard / because america is dying and I'm still at least 5 and a half hours away from wings
    15: Shaun / john
  13. I love when people partner and collaborate to synthesize their unique creative forces and make complex beautiful creations!!!!
    17: shan
  14. I bet we wont make it and plus i gotta hug u for like 10 mins so that takes time
    17: lor
  15. To SS Friendship. / Shall we never sink, / or we'll swim. / And if there's only one life jacket, I get it. / Because you're the captain
    18: lor / al
  16. More maroon 5, less alcohol
    19: lor
  17. I wasn't going to drink this week but just went to a work dinner and realized I was drinking after my second beer 😞 Was hoping to not need Prilosec this week
    21: jeff
  18. My low is that I had to poop at work
    24: tesla
  19. Ugh I miss you so much, already masturbated twice today. Haha ohhhh fuck
    25: jo
  20. For example we got Taco Bell on the way to pho this morning / and we got pizza on the way to Taco Bell Friday
    26: jeff / myles