1. today I wish I was a mailman
    1-July-2016, Ray
  2. how much brownie is in this weed
    2-July-2016, Jon
  3. can you imagine writing free-falling?
    2-July-2017, Tessa
  4. when you're with good friends, the conversation inevitably turns to poop within two hours
    7-July-2016, Barrett
  5. where is my period
    8-July-2016, Ray
  6. nipples are flat at room temperature
    9-July-2016, stranger
  7. I've barely left bed, except to eat pizza that josh doesn't know about because we're on a diet. I hid it in the freezer so he wouldn't find it. that's what love is.
    10-July-2016, Lexi
  8. I wanna ask that dad out on a date. for some reason his aggressive norm-core is really working for me. he's aggressively Gap™
    10-July-2016, Bules
  9. he might not teach you to fly fish but he might eat that pussy good
    10-July-2016, Barrett
  10. it sounds like he stuffed his beard in his mouth and he's singing through his beard... he looks like a full on Amish person but who am I to judge.
    10-July-2016, Barrett
  11. I'd rather be single than date someone who doesn't give a fuck about ancient warfare
    13-July-2016, @SHIT_FALCON
  12. (on being 13) I just remember listening to Boulevard of Broken Dreams and slamming a lot of doors
    13-July-2016, Bules
  13. Just finished paintball, shot one person while he was crying surrender
    14-July-2016, jo
  14. Remember when Hillary would screen shot his boner pics from tinder
    14-July-2016, tesla
  15. "I feel like a woman" was playing at a high volume while i slumped in the corner drinking my beer. it was sexually awakening for me tbh. it was just... introspective and i felt very sexy and feminine slouched over slurping my beer in my lonesome
    15-July-2016, justin
  16. is there a Starbucks museum? are the headquarters the same would they let me visit
    15-July-2016, stranger
  17. ok so tonight is the night that I drank an entire bottle of wine by myself
    16-July-2016, tesla
  18. Hope you guys are living life. There's really no other choice!
    6-July-2016, john
  19. on a scale where a 1 is a 1 and wavy is wavy, how wavy are you
    16-July-2016, corey
  20. I have Botox in my armpits
    17-July-2016, Lindsey
  21. Some good old-fashioned urine-drinking fun
    17-July-2016, Barrett
  22. I would say to Gil: Look I don't wanna push it with a man so much older, but why don't you whip me up one of your famous sandwiches and I'll braid every hair on your body *blows vape steam in his face*"
    18-July-2016, Barrett
  23. Ali-dawg with that ear to the ground. elevator music you can blow trees to
    19-July-2016, justin
  24. father Justin Misty. I'm a drug/sex/rocknroll cultural icon. VISION ME
    20-July-2016, justin
  25. I'm not even a big weed guy but I took a ton of cbd last time and had an amazing flight. It's the cheapest business class upgrade you can buy.
    20-July-2016, jeff
  26. Mac demarco is like a hot grub worm
    22-July-2016, Jane
  27. do you guys ever try to search your parents by typing in "mom" or "dad" on facebook search? doesn't work. jk it does
    22-July-2016, hannah
  28. I'm about one Jameson on the rocks away from a coming to Jesus moment
    24-July-2016, justin
  29. I bought bell bottom jeans and sexted with a mountain man who lives in his car, so I've done poorly being unsupervised. I've known him for 48 hours but I've seen him ejaculate 4 times which is about 3.5 times more than I needed
    24-July-2016, Julia
  30. Ali I don't have a tinder profile. I don't just have my Meyers Briggs on hand
    26-July-2016, M'elEna
  31. I saw the phalanges of the flop
    28-July-2016, natalie
  32. I often find myself googling your acronyms thanks for keeping me cultured
    28-July-2016, hannah
  33. I just hate the idea of being the person that everyone is waiting on because you just need to charge your shoes for a couple of minutes longer
    29-July-2016, Ryan