1. free music festival in Fremont June 17-19. sounds like an excuse to bring a flask of wine
    7-June-2016, tesla
  2. I'm getting these tacos then I'm gonna take a bong rip and blast biggie smalls until the universe and its creator reveal their master plan unto me.
    11-June-2016, Justin
  3. I wish there was a restaurant that sold leftover pizza
    18-June-2016, Hannah Eastman
  4. how many bananas are in a bottle of wine
    18-June-2016, chris barth
  5. Also since u like talking about it: woke up from a spider crawling on my neck this weekend at my parents. Turned the light on - it was on my pillow 😢😢😢😢😢 Starting to feel worried that spiders are actual partial to my face vs other faces. Like i didnt even freak out bc 'oh this again ya luv it ive been here before trying to sleep here' 🙁
    21-June-2016, Lord
  6. note to self: don't ride public transportation high
    23-June-2016, Kelly Jeffries
  7. so I helped perry Ellis write a paper analyzing and apply psychoanalysis to the Titanic starring Leonardo DiCaprio
    30-June-2016, Justin Rennell