1. Guys tessa was eating a lunchable in the kitchen
    6: drew
  2. Idk what you west coasters do all day. Like develop an app and smoke pot?
    6: justin
  3. I'm listening to Neil young thinking bout food
    10: john
  4. TBH I just really wanna drink beer with Leighton today and talk about all of the worlds problems but through a culinary lenses
    11: justin
  5. I liked smokin' rez in my room with the crusty critters. But they shat in my bed, so they had to go.
    16: justin
  6. An IUD keeps the cum from going up the tubes!
    16: jeof
  7. Name for dog: boss
    17: drew
  8. I walked in and he was smelling two shirts that look the same
    18: Pete
  9. Have you ever watched a porn
    19: elaine
  10. I have an idea, I used to babysit at a commune
    19: elaine
  11. Everyone is sunburnt and has heartburn
    20: jeof
  12. Do you think animals have "loves of their lives" or do they seek for mating reasons and that suffices??"
    20: Amanda
  13. I'm having a sexuality emergency / Myles, did you just realize you're gay?
    21: Myles/Jo
  14. I don't trust someone who does improv
    22: jossua
  15. Guys spooky I just remembered this crazy nightmare I had last night. I got a new toothbrush but it couldn't reach my back teeth
    23: Myles
  16. Listen. I'm a Risky Bitch™. Also I won a left-handed coffee mug the first round that I have decided I will be buried with
    23: Sally
  17. 25 is the year where you still spend your work bonus on tattoos but also you're not allowed to throw up after drinking a bottle of wine.
    24: tessa
  18. usually about 11 I get a lot of energy and do random things around my apartment, like organize or dance
    27: ray
  19. Why can't everything be as easy as eating eight day old cake????
    27: ray
  20. Guys I'm gonna write a self help book on becoming successful and the first step is never be seen without a lacroix in your hand
    29: myles
  21. Yeah I dont like getting high before massages cause all I think about is not getting a boner which leads to a boner
    30: Myles