1. hahaha well i need to see you tonight 1. because i want to but 2. jeff has mentioned it a million times that we need to hang out with you
    18: jo
  2. I tried to get into smoking but I didn't get it
    18: jo
  3. Do you wanna know people created the dab? It's so they can smell their armpits and check
    21: Lexi
  4. Somehow I got poop in my mouth, that's how I got my ulcer
    23: Julia
  5. Is it gross/bad that I'm eating leftovers from a child's plate. He's asleep im starving.
    25: tesla
  6. I may go to a BBQ. I say that with no intention of actually going. I'm gonna eat a whole pizza, drink some whiskey and fall asleep on the couch by 10
    28: Chris Donovan