1. How the hell did someone figure out how to cook spaghetti squash
    2: Ray
  2. Guys I listened to boys don't cry by the cure on repeat on my drive home. 1. Because I'm a super sad boy rn. 2. Also B/c Shaun always says he will karaoke that song, and I know he's not a sad boy rn.
    2: john
  3. On fridays I give up all hope of hanging out with my girlfriend and hang out at triangle spirits instead
    5: chris
  4. This is where I'll wear your wedding ring when you die and I become a lesbian
    5: jo
  5. Idk but I am hassling people out the ass about voting. I figure if I can get five people to vote I can RIP
    5: Ray
  6. I made him tell me he was not a truther
    7: justin
  7. We were talking about where you go after you lose your virginity
    7: joules
  8. I'd hate be a woman, non white, non Christian Right about now.
    8: chris n.
  9. lmao ali you are one bowl of hemp granola away from becoming a certified massage therapist and moving to Colorado
    10: justin
  10. PSA: don't /giphy 'yogurt club'
    11: overheard
  11. I missed church today because my poop took too long
    12: Casey
  12. I knew we'd be tight as soon as I heard him throwing up the morning after the world series through my bedroom floorboards
    17: justin
  13. Pretend that exchange was a dream and you don't know if it really happened
    20: mom
  14. I feel like you're either dessert people or drug people
    21: jo
  15. Just don't go to Taco Bell with tessa Canon because she'll order a hard shell taco
    21: jo
  16. If you order a hard shell taco do they report you for being a serial killer
    21: jeof
  17. Do you want to put some ice cream in my belly button and eat it out
    24: jeof
  18. TSA precheck more like bring weed fast pass
    30: jeof