1. I wonder when thongs were invented
    1: Ray
  2. When he came out of the green room at the bottleneck he looked like a Keebler elf coming out of a tree. It was literally so tight.
    2: justin
  3. Yeah I remember him. He was nice and worked at noodles in zona. He used to scratch grace's back in our history class
    5: tesla
  4. Once i went to a party at his house and his parents were sleeping in a tent in their backyard and getting high
    5: Kelly
  5. Who's jeff and why are we calling him jeff
    5: Jesse
  6. Where's Jacob/he stuck his hand in gum
    6: joss/nat
  7. MDK: the guy who doesn't have Spotify, tony hawk pro skater, jake your brother. You should do your brother
    9: Lor
  8. Today at 7:30AM I texted Casey to tell him I think I look like Paul Dano
    12: joules
  9. My roommates girlfriend came over and I'm in my room farting a lot
    13: Casey
  10. Since I raked my lawn I've decided I can fix my own car
    17: chris
  11. Getting a hickey in his free time isn't a fireable offense
    17: john
  12. I dont know anything about this man but what his penis looks like in 15 different scenarios
    16: joules
  13. There are so many hisidic Jews and I dont know what event is going on
    19: Claire
  14. I don't understand how someone can be so orange and so purple
    19: natalie
  15. I couldn't even spell cockfighter
    19: natalie
  16. I can't have a dog because There's not enough between the poop and my hand
    22: Whitney
  17. I can be anyone I want to be? I want to be dick. Since I'm not getting any
    26: natalie
  18. this party is not a bone zone* and also not a gorilla cage** - it is my home***
    27: drew
  19. I sexted a mountain man and bought bell bottom jeans, you are all of the ice cream in the house. We don't handle being alone very well
    27: joules
  20. Wait is that the one that peed in your dorm room
    28: tesla
  21. yeah my job is supposed to be hard, but if you wait long enough, other people will do your work for you
    28: nick
  22. Regardless of whether you're getting married 26 should be the year of health
    28: rachel
  23. Omg have I told you about the dog I saw earlier
    29: joules
  24. Oh yeah I'm gonna indulge in a little slut shaming
    29: joules
  25. if i could somehow climb inside of patti’s south jersey accent, get lost like I normally would, and just spend the day walking around checkin' out alleys the different alleys and parks...that would be the dopest day.
    31: justin
  26. joanna this is not a qr code scanner app i am the pull out king
    31: Jeoff
  27. You're not bratty enough to be Jewish
    31: M'Elena
  28. I'm planning on running so fast I throw up
    31: jo