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Once known as a cow-town, Ohio's capital city, along with her suburbs, has much more to offer than you may realize.
  1. C'est Si Bon Cafe
    Parisian crepe restaurant in the heart of Bexley offers both savory & sweet fare. French press coffee & non-crepe desserts.
  2. Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace
    Meat eater (obviously) and vegan friendly all at once! Boasting the strictest dog standards a la Chicago regs (Vienna wieners on steamed poppy seed buns), they serve up a multitude of dogs topped with accoutrement ranging from chili to kimchi. Paired with tots or fries & wash it down with grape pop if feeling kid-like or choose from one of the many local beers on tap. Fun fact: the music is always from local artists.
  3. Columbus Museum of Art
    It's free on Sundays!!! Plus they just remodeled. It's gorgeous.
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If anyone plays along, I'll add all correct responses to the list 😊
  1. Not one to start the conversation (9 letters)
  2. Semi-autobiographical Richard Pryor character "Jo Jo _______" (6 letters)
  3. The missing Ms. Nelson's occupation (7 letters)
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  1. Drink lilac wine
  2. Not smoke in bed
  3. Dance naked under palm trees and see my image in the river
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  1. Naomi Campbell
    Why not?
  2. Kimberly Elise
    Cause I'm a cry baby
  3. Quvenzhané Wallis
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*Queue Zhané's "Crush" (at least Google the lyrics)
  1. Hey. The super moon made me think of you.
    No he's not a werewolf. We've never even seen a super moon together even. But a couple of things are at play. I love the moon; I'm convinced God had me in mind when He made it. The Crush is my favorite guy. Not sure God had me in mind when He made him but I like him a lot. <insert Sarah Vaughan singing 🎶I'll be looking at the moon/And I'll be seeing you🎶> Favorites & Sarah Vaughan, guys.
  2. Did you see Venus, Mars, & Jupiter? I saw two of them. Not sure which two.
    Okay so I look up. A lot. And admire what I see. These are things I'd like to share with him. Fun fact: we did visit a planetarium together.
  3. 💬
    This represents all those messages aborted due to epic measure awkardacity. The "Hey!" With nothing to follow. Or "Did you catch the...?" already knowing he did because FB...or just plain loosing the nerve to pull the trigger
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  1. Let's go!
  2. Get'em, get'em, GET'EM!!!
    Applicable when our defense has the QB on his heels as well as when the other team returns a punt/kick off
  3. Come on! What are y'all doing???
    When it's going not-so-good for my boys.
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I didn't update my iOS yet so this may change...
  1. 😘 Besos!
  2. 💋 Muchos besos!
  3. 🍣 Sushi is my fav!
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  1. O Brother Where Art Thou
  2. Pitch Perfect
  3. The Color Purple
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