*Queue Zhané's "Crush" (at least Google the lyrics)
  1. Hey. The super moon made me think of you.
    No he's not a werewolf. We've never even seen a super moon together even. But a couple of things are at play. I love the moon; I'm convinced God had me in mind when He made it. The Crush is my favorite guy. Not sure God had me in mind when He made him but I like him a lot. <insert Sarah Vaughan singing 🎶I'll be looking at the moon/And I'll be seeing you🎶> Favorites & Sarah Vaughan, guys.
  2. Did you see Venus, Mars, & Jupiter? I saw two of them. Not sure which two.
    Okay so I look up. A lot. And admire what I see. These are things I'd like to share with him. Fun fact: we did visit a planetarium together.
  3. 💬
    This represents all those messages aborted due to epic measure awkardacity. The "Hey!" With nothing to follow. Or "Did you catch the...?" already knowing he did because FB...or just plain loosing the nerve to pull the trigger
  4. So did you go see the Pope?
    Because not being Catholic is no reason not to brave the crowds. Amirite??? Background story, I asked him what he was doing on a weekend & he's the one who brought up the Pope. I used that as my "in."
  5. Do you eat quinoa?
    I want to know. But is that something you text the guy who's smile turns your heart into a drum line that arouses the butterflies in your innermost parts?
  6. I wish this DIY was a DIO...
    Because this is how I roll. I do want to do stuff with him. I have 13 chairs. 10 of them I definitely will refurb. How cool would it be to don matching masks, goggles, and aprons (too far?) to reimagine and resurrect thrifted/gifted furniture? How cool, I ask? (Do It Ourselves, just in case it wasn't easy to figure it out. Maybe you got it with context. Maybe you didn't. Would he get it? See, my brain makes it awkward to me and I wrote it...)
  7. Hey, you're on my mind and I like that.
    I'm just getting to a point where naked honesty isn't so awkward.