1. The garden at Cafecito Organico, Silver Lake
    A magical garden to sit and drink coffee in. Not that many people seem to know about it. On weekends they serve toast.
  2. Wildflower Trail at Elysian Park
    So beautiful. Feels like a legit jungle. Watch out for coyotes.
  3. The bar at Cafe Stella, Silver Lake
    I never feel cooler than I do when I'm here. The bartenders wear white coats. Ask them to make you something they like.
  4. The boathouse at Echo Park Lake
    Order inside Square One, then sit on the grass by the lake and they'll bring it out to you. Or take a ride on a paddleboat.
  5. Woodcat, Echo Park
    New coffeeshop with the best vibes. Get the almond milk latte and ham and cheese croissant; sit at the communal table and peek at other people's screens.