Here are some things I saw last Friday night at Wi Spa in Ktown. They're open 24 hours and have this amazing coed area where people just lay around and eat and use the saunas. Best thing I've done in LA.
  1. A woman scrubbing her child like a washboard across her lap
  2. A girl eating a bowl of fruit so slowly as her boyfriend massaged her feet so slowly
  3. Tween boys playing games on their iPads in the ice sauna
  4. I laid in a pit of tiny clay balls and watched ESPN on a giant screen
  5. A old man with headphones on in the jade room, silently conducting
  6. Kids doing math
  7. Families reclining on mats, eating noodles
  8. A couple on a first date embarrassed to be wearing the shorts/t-shirt uniform but proud to be doing something so interesting
  9. People going to sleep for the night in the napping room
  10. A bachelorette party telling sexy stories in the salt sauna
  11. A guy working on his screenplay