In order
  1. 30 for 30: Bad Boys
    A re-watch I still find interesting
  2. One Tree Hill
    Not like my usual shows, but everyone needs a little drama
  3. The Office
    I normally watch random episodes when I need a little pick me up. Can't go wrong with this show
  4. Throw down with Bobby Flay
    I had binge watched Worst Cooks in America and tried to fill the void with this
  5. House
    Not my favorite show, but I haven't seen many episodes
  6. Iron Chef America
    Again, trying to fill the void that Worst Cooks in America left in me
  7. Scrubs
    Heard if I liked shows like The Office, then I'd like this
  8. 2 Fast 2 Furious
    Favorite movie from this franchise
  9. Making a Murderer
    Everyone was talking about it
  10. Pretty Little Liars
    I will finish this show some day
  11. How I Met Your Mother
    Great show, horrible ending
  12. Talladega Nights
    I have no idea why I watched this. Funny though
  13. New Girl
    Was suggested to me
  14. The Ridiculous 6
    My brother liked the movie so I watched it with him. Not Sandler's best work
  15. Arrested Development