Nothing makes me feel more accomplished than identifying people from their best known show in a different show, playing a small role
  1. Craig Robinson
    Played a security guard on Arrested Development, Darryl on The Office. In Arrested Development, Robinson goes up against Tobias for an acting role.
  2. Ed Helms
    Played James Carr on Arrested Development, Andy on The Office. He probably had the biggest role out of any of his Office cast, but it was still small. He played a real estate agent who Lindsay thinks is hitting on her.
  3. Brian Baumgartner
    Played gun seller on Arrested Development, Kevin on The Office. He's seen for ten seconds and has one minor line in the show. He sells a gun to Tobias.
  4. Phyllis Smith
    Played an office worker on Arrested Development, Phyllis Vance on The Office. Not much changed for Smith in either acting rolls, though the latter came with lines. She's seen sitting in a meeting at the Bluth Company.