American Idol, one last time.
  1. Starts off with number involving current Idol top ten and past contestants
    Made me want to cry. I love this show.
  2. Old co-host Brian Dunkleman comes out and presents the judges
    I did not watch then, but I still felt the nostalgia.
  3. Fire duet by Trent and La Porsha 🔥
    Team Trent!
  4. Medley of past Idols with their songs along with covers.
    Listening to them sing now makes me wonder how they all didn't win.
  5. Pants on the Ground guy!!!
    Fun little story: Once I was going on a cruise, and before you get on, you're in this huge room going through security and things alike. An officer or someone asked a man to pull up his pants. The group behind us, all wearing matching shirts, broke out in the Pants on the Ground song.
  6. Mashup of Kelly Clarkson, the season 1 winner, singing her hit songs with an emotional ending. Amazing!! Pre-recorded because she's having her baby, but still awesome.
    To think someone so successful came from a TV show is simply amazing
  7. Past Idol rockers sing together. Including season 13 winner, Caleb Johnson.
    I didn't care for this since I wasn't a Caleb fan.
  8. Past country Idols sing together.
    Not a country fan, but I love seeing all contestants again.
  9. Harry Connick Jr. Singing with Marley Fletcher, a girl from New Orleans, Connick's hometown, while a video plays from Idol Gives Back.
    Loved this part
  10. More past Idols singing. You can never have too many Idols singing. This time featuring slow songs and Jessica Sanchez literally killing it.
    Not literally. But amazing.
  11. Jennifer Lopez being her usual awesome self. How does she do it? Because I want to know.
    I'm a teenager and I can't even move like her.
  12. "The Three Divas" from season three sing a trio together. It's unfair how talented these three ladies are. There should have been a three way tie that season.
  13. In between each girl singing is a group of some sort. One featuring one of my favorites- Clark Beckham.
    I loved him too much. Still do.
  14. Tribute to David Bowie. Phillip Phillips is in this, and he is literally my favorite American Idol.
    Yes, literally.
  15. Collage featuring Idol moments with past judges. Shows iconic Idol scenes we all know and love.
  16. Original judges Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson come out live on stage. They present American Idol sign that Ryan Seacrest totally deserves.
  17. WHAT. Simon Cowell totally made us believe he wasn't coming.
    Why am I so happy???? I love this show!!! (Side note: He created One Direction. I love him)
  18. She Bangs guy!!!
  19. Ford Video Shoots memories. I really loved these.
  20. Carrie Underwood being classic Carrie Underwood. (Meaning being super duper talented)
    Only country music I like.
  21. Dim the lights... One last time
  22. After the nationwide vote...
  24. I can't believe this show is over. It's been apart of my life for so many years, and I can't imagine what I'm going to do now. American Idol is a classic, and I thank everyone behind it for all the memories it brought to me.