All the college/university students on List App: This one's for you, I gotchu covered 😎
  1. Trail mix
    Easily portable, minimal mess, satisfying, and delicious. Also customizable! Excellent choice.
  2. Grapes
    Healthy and delicious! Crunchy grapes are the best of course.
  3. Soft chewy granola bars
    Good for a sweet craving and literally no prep is involved whatsoever.
  4. Any type of cake/loaf
    Great option! Very satisfying and very quiet.
  5. Celery sticks
    Safe, healthy, and simple 👍🏾
  6. Hummus and pita
    A little elaborate for the library, but if you're craving hummus it's definitely worth it.
  7. Crunchy granola bars
    Delicious and super convenient but can be messy and potentially too loud, depending on your library of choice.
  8. Saltine Crackers
    Very easy preparation-wise, but can be bland, and very messy. An overall disappointing snack.
  9. Carrots
    Don't be this person.