🙆🏽 Inspired by @sabrinakristine, @Nicholas + everyone else
  1. Sandwich
    Whole wheat bread toasted, hummus, mozzarella cheese, avocado slices, turkey, and spinach, cut diagonally from corner to corner
  2. Snack
    Orville Redenbacher popcorn kernels popped over the stove with olive oil, lightly salted with butter
  3. OOTD
    Black leggings or dark wash skinny jeans, Steve Madden Chelsea boots, white short-sleeved shirt, olive green jacket with fake leather sleeves, small black cross-body purse
  4. Vacation Experience
    City destination, average accommodations, plan of each day before embarking on trip, photos only when necessary, variety of dining experiences, up by 8am and out all day, only at the hotel to sleep
  5. Evening
    Alone with popcorn, clean room, headphones and Spotify/catching up on Scandal, freshly exfoliated face, no obligations the next day, asleep by 1:30am
  6. Saturday morning
    Up by 8:30, grocery shopping/doing laundry by 9:15, breakfast of avocado toast and an egg over-easy, in the library by 11
  7. Grocery list
    2% milk, one almost ripe avocado, one underripe avocado, hummus, oven-roasted turkey beast from the deli, Gala apples, 100% whole wheat bread, eggs, marble cheese, raspberries if they're on sale and fresh, snack options, something fun
  8. Restaurant drink order