1. My MacBook is 7 years old now and is giving me major issues 😤
  2. It's incredibly slow, freezes under minimal use and the trackpad randomly stopped responding to clicks lmao
    I had to turn on the "tap to click" function just to be able to use the laptop normally
  3. I debated sending in my laptop for repairs, at least to get the trackpad working again, but at this point I think it's time to invest in a new computer
  4. Basically I'm trying to figure out whether to remain a Mac user or switch to PC
  5. I've been using a Mac for the majority of my school life, and I love them - so user-friendly and I'm so accustomed to them! Plus I have an iPhone and I keep telling myself that it's easier to stay in the Apple family 😅 but is this even true or am I lying to myself?
  6. But I've also heard that the new MacBooks don't have a CD drive and only have one USB port - meaning you have to purchase an external attachment to get more USB ports 🙄
    This seems like the worst way to spend my money, especially when I could get a PC for much cheaper and not have to pay for any dumb adapters due to aesthetic reasons or whatever
  7. I've also heard that there's some incredible PC's out there that are better than MacBooks?????
  8. Do any of you guys use a newer PC? I have done zero research on this so far but from what I've heard there's some really good laptops out there that I might be sleeping on 🤔🤔
  9. These are my questions:
  10. Is it true that there's only one USB port on the new Macs? Is that a real inconvenience or does it not matter as much as I think it does? Are the new MacBooks worth the $$$?
  11. Have any of you switched from Mac to PC and would you recommend it?
  12. Do you know of any good PC laptops that you'd recommend?
  13. I definitely want a laptop (not down to replace it with a tablet or anything) and it doesn't need to be super fancy - just something that allows me to get my work done as a university student, and something that is easy enough to use
  14. PLS HELP 😚
  15. I don't know anything about computers but I've had an old ass hp laptop for the past few years and only very minimal problems! It's pretty easy to download and use Apple stuff on it: iCloud, iTunes, etc. so you can still feel at home on a pc
    Suggested by   @OffTheDott
  16. Windows and the Apple OSs aren't as different as they once were. Icons and mouse usage differs, so you would have to get used to that. Adding USB ports to a laptop (most won't have as many ports as you will want) is simply a matter of buying a $7 USB hub. I like the old Dell laptops - very sturdy if heavy. You can buy off lease ones reasonably.
    Suggested by   @Alphonse