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    Did my readings for my Japanese religions class
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    This is what my walk home from the library looks like
  3. •
    I made these roasted chickpeas, seasoned with salt/pepper/cayenne/garlic salt and they were SO good and tasty and flavourful 😋
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    Breakfast food
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    More breakfast food 😋
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    Watched Ex-Machina
    Super interesting movie! Unlike anything I've ever seen before, would definitely recommend
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    FaceTimed the bf and simultaneously edited an essay! The epitome of productivity over here 😎
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    Watched Django Unchained
    Really good movie! Classic Tarantino, did a great job at using humour to portray serious subject matter. Definitely too long, could've been at least 30 mins shorter
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    Even MORE breakfast food, I'm out of control
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    Walked around the residential areas surrounding my uni
    I went for a walk right after it rained and it was so cool and comfortable outside 😌
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    Spontaneously took myself on a date to this café near my res building
    This is one of the BEST decisions I've ever made, I'm people watching and sipping my chai rn and its so chill, 10/10 everyone should do this