A few nights ago my roommate @sabrinakristine and I stumbled upon a full episode of the show on YouTube. Watching it as an adult was one of the most heart-warming and entertaining things I've ever experienced, and I haven't stopped thinking about it since
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    The theme song is incredibly catchy
    I hadn't heard this theme song in probably 7+ years but as soon as we clicked the YouTube video the words came back to me immediately and it was the greatest feeling 😭 (theme song: http://youtu.be/YG3YoDdawCE)
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    Also in the opening credits, there's a little animated graphic of Zoboomafoo who looks like he's treading water while dancing and it's so funny
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    It was educational and entertaining at the same time
    The Kratt brothers (Chris and Martin) have degrees in Biology and Zoology. It's so easy to tell that they genuinely love educating kids about animals, but they also make the show so much fun and make their job look like the best job in the whole world
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    The footage of puppet Zoboomafoo and the real-life lemur Zoboomafoo are edited together SO well! The transitions are almost seamless
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    This dude is HILARIOUS and his character fits so well with the show. Also in the show he has little sisters, which look like much tinier versions of him, and they're adorable πŸ‘ΆπŸΎ
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    The overfilled closet gag is honestly funny every single time
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    The lemur who played Zoboomafoo was so adorable
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    His name was Jovian and unfortunately he passed away in 2014 😞 but he was such a cute lil guy
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