in honour of #internationalwomensday
  1. My Grade 7 teacher, Ms. Eskerod
    Ms. Eskerod was the first person who really taught me what feminism was. I went to an all-girls school from grade 4-9, and a component of our school curriculum was focused on female empowerment. This is something I didn't really understand the value of until I left the school, but no teacher has done more to educate me on the importance of advocating for oneself as a woman, and I'm pretty sure she changed my life.
  2. My roommate and best friend, @sabrinakristine
    Sabrina and I became friends when we were in grade 8, and I've had the absolute pleasure of watching her grow into such a smart, beautiful, capable and kind woman. She constantly inspires me to think critically, work hard and never sell myself short. She has taught me so much about what it means to be a woman, and I feel so lucky to know her as well as I do 👭
  3. My mom
    My mom is without a doubt, one of the most hardworking and selfless individuals I know. She grew up in Tanzania in a household of 7 people, with four brothers, and basically had nothing when she moved to Canada. She got a job working for one of the biggest oil companies in the country, bought a house for herself and her mother to live in, and has done everything to ensure that my brother and I have been given every opportunity that she was denied in her youth.