My name is spelt Alisha and is pronounced a-LEE-sha (long "i" sound). I guess this confuses some people.
  1. a-LISH-a (short "i" sound)
    I can completely understand this pronunciation because that's exactly how my name is spelt.
  2. a-LEE-see-a
    By far the most common mistake. I always thought the "sh" in my name was very clear phonetically, but I get this pronunciation a lot. It happens most often in school settings when teachers/profs/TA's are reading my name off a list.
  3. a-LYSS-a
    This happens most often when someone hears my name once or twice, but is uncomfortable saying it out loud, so they opt for a somewhat similar pronunciation.
  4. Ashley
    This is just incorrect, and not even close enough to justify the mistake.
  5. Alice
    See description of #4.