1. During this time of year, or any sort of holiday, my roommate (@sabrinakristine) and I always look out for those Pillsbury seasonal sugar cookies cause we're obsessed
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  2. I saw a couple employees stocking the Pillsbury section of the store and got SO excited
  3. So I was determined to find them this morning
  4. I figured I'd let them finish, so I picked up the rest of my groceries first
  5. Finally made my way over to the Pillsbury section
  6. First I saw this
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  7. But then I saw this 😭
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  8. Needless to say, I was devastated
  9. I almost bought these yogurt things to ease the pain, but then I thought better of it
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  10. If you live in Western Canada and know where I can find these blessed sugar cookies pls let me know
  11. At least I got avocados and hummus on sale ☹️