Evolution of My Dogs' Nicknames

I'll start with Noah, then Ziggy, and lastly their collective titles. Prizes for those who spot any patterns!
  1. This is Noah. He's 12 and so chill and has been since puppyhood. This dude lives to love. Here are all the names other than Noah he gets called on the regular.
  2. Noah Poo (NP for short)
  3. Poo boy
  4. Boy of Poo
  5. When once Noah was a poo (anecdotally)
  6. Noe noe
  7. Noey
  8. Noey noey no-ey noey noe
  9. Noe-wahhhhh? (Emphasis on question mark)
  10. Wahhhh-noe! (Stated as the answer to the above question)
  11. Little baby Noah, so cute and furry.
  12. My Prince
  13. Noah who is kind, noble, ever-loving.
  14. My boyfriend
  15. Doodie
  16. Doodie-patoody
  17. Pal/ole pal/buddy/buddy ole pal
  18. Boy who eats his own poo
  19. This... Is Ziggy. He is insane, neurotic and completely self-serving. In his old age he has taken to eating toenails. Here are his supplementary names:
  20. Ziegfreeeeeid
  21. Freeeeid
  22. Freeidy poo
  23. Freeidy pie
  24. Freeidy poo pie poo
  25. Freeidy pants
  26. Freeidel
  27. Freidelweiss (sung to the tune of "Edelweiss")
  28. Freeidel-dee-dee
  29. Freeidel-dee-dum
  30. Freud
  31. Ziggel
  32. Ziggelfreeid
  33. Ziggity diggity
  34. Zigga Migga
  35. Ziggel my niggel
  36. Zig Zig
  37. Ziggy-Ziggy-zig-y-Ziggy-zig
  38. And finally, here are the names other than their own frequently used to address them together:
  39. The Doods
  40. Doodies
  41. Doodles
  42. Doody Potoodies
  43. Doodies who want their foodies
  44. Ziggel and the Noah Poo
  45. Pooh and Ziglet
  46. Boy-ba-doys! (This must always be exclaimed!)
  47. Boy-ba-loys. (more sincere sounding than the former)
  48. Ziggy and Noah poo, Noah and Ziggy too! (Sung to basic silly song melody of my choosing)
  49. Ziggy-Ziggy-zig-y-Ziggy-zig, Noey-noey-no-ey-noey-noe (sung and repeated over and over while chasing them around the house)
  50. There are so many more I can't think of right now but I'll add them as they inevitable come out of my mouth and back to the front of my mind.