Oh man, where to begin, where to end? I'll give it shot!
  1. Jim stealing Dwight's identity. "Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica"
  2. Jim and Dwight as heads of the Party Planning Committee doing a horrible job of Kelly's Birthday. "It is your birthday"... So good.
  3. All of Threat Level Midnight
  4. How to Throw a Garden Party, by James Trickington
  5. Michael Clump
  6. Michael Scotch
  7. Toby with a broken neck in the hospital in Costa Rica wishing he could understand the Spanish TV shows
  8. Angela at the mall admitting she sometimes orders herself clothes that are meant for large colonial dolls
  9. Any time Jim flails, like the attack from snowman Dwight and when Charles Minor asks why he's wearing a tux.
  10. Andy floating away on Lake Scranton in his sumo suit. Also from this ep, when Jim is shaken to the core by the killer look in Stanley's eyes during their sumo battle, and when Michael accidentally tells Stanley to go to the back of the bus. Basically anything in "Beach Games"
  11. Dwight stalling at the volleyball game in "Company Picnic" by kicking the ball as far away as he can..."arrggg, Im so MAD!".
  12. When Ryan gets off the phone with David Wallace after getting the corporate job and telling Kelly, "we're through", and his look as he glances at the camera. @bjnovak
  13. Dwight's xmas... Belschnickle!
  14. Erin: "when I was in the hospital as a kid..." pause ..."from age 4-6".
  15. Dwight calling Phillis "Phallus", then apologizing... "Sorry, penises on the brain".
  16. "Get. More. Megadesk."
  17. Jan dancing to Hunter's song about her at the dinner party. Also the Sparkle Motion lady from Donny Darko as Dwight's date/childhood babysitter.
  18. When Andy can't help but sing "stayin alive" during the CPR demonstration causing everyone else to sing along.
  19. Michael ordering "Gabagool"
  20. Jim and Pam pranking Dwight by making him think the website has become self-aware.
  21. Jan's baby, "Ass-tird", that may or may not be from Kevin's sperm.
  22. Angela clapping when Michael, dressed as jesus, reminds everyone that xmas should be about Jesus
  23. Every "that's what she said". Especially when Jan tells Michael he can't make that joke anymore and Jim craftily provokes him to breaking point.